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Greek Elle - May 2010

So it's not just Australia or Vogue who do this!
It's a Euro thing too thing...

P.S. How come they never need wax on their boards? (listens to answer) Oooohhhh....

Text message

Double ups are on.
Yew! See you at
The Pass at 4 xx

Today, I have been mostly listening to...

Three Tables - 2007

I took this photo in 2007. I was staying across the road and the friends I'd met didn't want to do anything, so I grabbed some snorkeling gear and my camera and spent a few hours in the water on my own, checking out the reef and the fish and the turtles and the sky and diving down and feeling weightless and generally being in my own little heaven. The water was deep and warm and I can't really remember anyone else swimming there. There were some couples on the beach (of course!) but this was a really, really wonderful afternoon and remebering this photo this morning made my heart warm.

Happy days