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Last weekend, I went for a surf on my own for the first time in a long time.

I haven't been getting home so much recently, so when I do, I go surfing with my friends. We catch up, we hang out, we laugh, we catch waves. To be honest, I don't really want to be on my own much when I do get home, and I like surfing with my friends, so it works out best for me.

But on Saturday morning no one was up yet and the bay beaches were flat, so I went and checked over behind my place. I live on a long, open beach, and usually it's not so suited to a longboard, but it was small and looked ok and the water looked nice, so I thought, why not?

I paddled out with no legrope, which was a bit of an oversight because losing my board there, on my own, would have sucked. Usually, that would make me over-cautious, but, well, I didn't really care. (And I didn't lose my board.) The waves were fine - they were small and kind of closing out, but they were pretty and fast and the water was clear a…

Grant Cornett gorgeousness

A scene that is waiting for the players to arrive. Eyes that are still making their way back from dreaming. A sense that it is not quite real, and only blurred vision proves it could be. Feelings of anticipation that something wonderful is about to happen that are tinged with fear that it's all merely nostalgia.

These pictures look exactly what my life feels like at the moment; beautiful, well lit, potential, yet out of focus and slightly bereft.

Clever, clever Grant Cornett.

A girl-majority surf trip

Coffee, croissants, surfing, wine, cheese, crackers, magazines, nail salon, snooze, surfing, rum, fish, steak, chocolate, wine, rum...

We all ended up with red toenails and Ollie reckoned that when we went surfing, you could just see ten red toes sticking over the back of the wave as we paddled into them.

Nellie McKay - "Yeah! Take it off!"

Sometimes I actually like Facebook and find it endlessly useful. Like when my friends post me links that they think I'd like. Which they do a lot, actually.

My ham-loving friend (real life friend) Steve threw up this one today. Usually, it's links to KarenO songs, or some hideous pop confection, but today, he showed his versatility. Thanks Steve!