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Surfing Mavericks

I just watched this short film from Vice about people who surf at Mavericks. Mavericks seems to be the break of the moment, which I guess is directly related to heavy marketing for the forthcoming film, Chasing Mavericks, which looks, um, kind of, well, kind of like every other surf film about heavy waves. That is: Young guy with a troubled home life aspires to surf heavy and somewhat mythical break, so finds a grizzled mentor, and after a difficult and determined 'journey' he achieves his goals. Meh.

Anyway, this short film is much more interesting and gives a range of perspectives and experiences related to surfing this break.

The two things that really caught my attention were Sarah Gerhardt talking about trying to be calm about surfing the break for the first time, while all the guys she was with were getting amped on tunes, and Flea describing that when he admitted he had a drug  problem, his sponsors walked away from him and withdrew their support. Also cool to hear how …

Heavenly Elvis

Seriously though, look at the man. 

Because it's the end of a long week, okay.

For more photos of Trotter wearing outfits, you can check out sonyayu on Instagram. (via Colossal)

 (This one is for Jacob Kurtzer. Go Giants!)*
 And these two should obviously get together... Hahaha!!
Similar to Naboo, my housemate, Jen, has taught me that looking at pictures of animals can be calming.

Alright, I'm done now.

*I TOTALLY got my Giants references wrong. Oh well, I'll leave it up anyway.

I wish!

It's no great secret that I l.o.v.e. Gerry Wedd's very distinctive and beautiful ceramics, so you know that I totally wish I could go to this exhibition.

If you happen to be close by Middleton in South Australia, I highly suggest you get yourself along to this exhibition. It will be amazing.