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Warning: May cause jealousy.

I see footage like this - sunny and warm and carefree and smooth and calming - and I think to myself: what the hell am I doing? What. The hell. Am. I. Doing? (Via Toddy)

Travers Adler | Maui from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.

And then I remember there's a time to work and a time to surf, and there are times when those times are not in sync with each other. So in a way, this makes me want to work a bit harder, so I can enjoy the surfy times even more.

Either way, I'll be going surfing this weekend.

Big Wave World Tour

So, following the post below, I just found out about the newly announced, Big Wave World Tour. You can read the full press release on the Big Wave World Tour website, here.

The BWWT is going to be run by the ASP and according to ASP CEO Paul Speaker,
The competitors on the BWWT are some of the fiercest and most-respected watermen on the planet and we are eager about the opportunity to take their tour to the next level. This arrangement also allows the world’s best surfers on the ASP World Championship Tour to compete in big-wave events moving forward. Kieren Perrow said that, It adds another dimension to the sport and will make it significantly easier for ASP Top 34 surfers to compete in big-wave events. So, I'm not clear (nor really interested) on the details but the way the tour will be run highlights renowned big wave surfers like Greg Long and Shane Dorian, while creating space for World Championship Tour surfers to compete; The new-found arrangement between the ASP and the BW…

Duct Tape Invitational. Another chick-free event!

This morning I opened my inbox to an email from Nathan Oldfield with a link to his latest clip. As always, it's pretty and fun.

T.C.S.S. Presents: A Doc-umentary from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

But it had the added function of reminding me how annoyed I felt that there were, as ever, no women invited. And it wasn't just me! According to Facebook, there were quite a few crew commenting on how of the sixteen spots open, not one was offered to a woman. As far as I could tell, this was not officially a 'men's' comp so don't you think that is a problem?

Of course, this is not an uncommon story. Big wave riding competitions rarely invite women, and when they have it's been as an 'exhibition' event. (Maybe something has changed recently. I haven't been following these kinds of events as they're not on my radar for now. I doubt it though.) This is usually argued on the basis that women are not as strong or involved in this kind of surfing as men. Sure…


I'm so getting Star Wars V&VI out this weekend!
(Thanks, Katie.)

Tell her she's dreamin'

I finished a big project recently, so I thought I'd have more free time. 
But it turns out... I'm still busy! And I've been sick. Wah.
Neil from over at Modyssey is keeping me day-dreaming though.

Mailbox joy from Gypsy Jacket

I used to have a mailbox that was constantly filled with letters from friends. These days, we tend to send emails and texts more often than post, so my mailbox has become a repository of bills, statements and the odd fine. But there are still some fun deliveries.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to come home to a package from the lovely Sarah at Gyspy Jacket.

I have been surfing in Sarah's beautiful handmade creations since last January. They're basically the only swimmers I've worn in that entire time and they have never failed me. I know how hard it can be to find cute, functional, not-mass-produced swimmers to surf in, so if you're keen to get your own butt clad in a pair of these beauties (or if you're in the market for a new surf board cover) you can reach Sarah via her Gypsy Jacket website or over on Instagram.

Drift: A review


Shoes on the beach

Wearing shoes to the beach cracks me up. Usually, when I'm at the beach I'm barefoot and since it doesn't get too cold around these parts, rare is the day that too many clothes are required. When I see people on the beach fully dressed and shod I generally assume they're not from these parts. Or going to a wedding...

Image Edward Steichen, 1925 (via A Vanished Time)
But of course, there are always those times when you want to go for a walk and it's too cold to leave your toes bare. It's not often, but it happens. And on those days I feel so weird and uncomfortable. It feels wrong.
But at least my feet are warm.

I want

Sure, I'd surf it differently - I'd be further out in front and on a longboard - but this is certainly a pretty looking wave. (via Surfbird)

Illustrations by Leo Greenfield

I happened upon some of these awesome illustrations by Leo Greenfield, over at Not Without My Do-Rag.

Aren't they lovely. Leo Greenfield's illustrations apparently tend to be fashion and style based. They capture people wearing clothes in context, rather than being about the clothes themselves. Does that make any sense? It's kind of like an illustrated version of The Sartorialist. From Greenfield's blog:
Leo Greenfield is a journalist trapped in the body of an illustrator. His drawings concentrate on documentation and communication, as he illustrates from memory the ever-changing space of street life and culture. On paper Greenfield impresses the silhouette and patterns of contemporary dressing, subsequently creating intimate social portraits of places and their communities.  See? I particularly love the ones I posted here, because you know they're from the beach. You know that is where they were headed or where they had been. Sometimes it's hard to explain how …

Post-surf bliss

They certainly can't compete with being in the water, but post-surf rituals are a pretty awesome part of surfing. (Well, they are when they involve golden sunlight and croissants anyway.)
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