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How to feel extremely small and insignificant


Sorry for going missing. Sometimes the unexpected just continues to happen/knock the wind out of you. You know?

Anyway, I just came across these images by Helena Almeida and thought they did a pretty good job of explaining things.

(via But does it float) See you soon.

Thinking of you

My friend Gary saw this postcard in Bretagne,  and it made him think of me.
I can't tell you how much this made my day.
Also, I have pretty great friends.

This surfing life

Three surfing moments from my week so far...
Huon and I went down the coast on a mission on Tuesday. It included on-shore winds and felafel, and was a lot of fun.
 I saw this t-shirt on sale in a department store yesterday.
Dodgy at-my-desk lunch. This is happening as I type.

Ain't no thang

Could Katharine Hepburn get any cooler?

Apparently, yes.
(Image via Tomboy Style, via Jessica Williams)

Blogging in the real world

Blogging is a funny thing. On the surface, it could appear like this totally self-indulgent and highly individual thing to do. Blogs can seem like a form of public journal-keeping, and at their worst, they are. But over the years that I have been keeping this little 'self-indulgent, public journal' operating, I have found blogs to be so very much more than that. I have, in fact, found that they are all about relationships and community. 
        You could flick though this blog and see me writing about women and surfing, which I do. But from my perspective, writing the blog, it is all about who is reading it, how they comment, the ways my interests connect with other bloggers, and seeing your ideas and experiences turning up in the most unlikely places from around the world. Although companies have jumped on blogging to promote their brands, products and surfers in seemingly unobtrusive ways, my experience of blogging has been that of engaging with other bloggers by sha…

You are.

Today, and for very different reasons, this song is dedicated to two of my best lady-friends: Katie (who I miss and who really is a great dancer) and Izzy (I'm so proud of you!).

Also, it's Friday and I'm off for a cocktail.

Mobile surf checks

Izzy and Ryan are driving and camping down the coast to Sydney, where the winter is somewhat less kind than it has been in Byron. With a lack of surf-able waves to amuse them, texts flew fast and thick from Izzy, as her and Ryan surf-checked their morning away. As you can tell from the picture she sent me, they had little success.

Izzy: No waves just whitewater.

'Much Better Now'

Much Better Now from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.

(Apologies for the way the videos keep getting cut off. I'll do something about that sometime soon...)

Of its time...


Kurungabaa is full of kooks

Look what I've got - hot off the press!

You can subscribe for yourself over at Kurungabaa.


So, these are currently for sale at Retro Metro, just up the road from my house in Paddington.
Seriously though, imagine - just imagine!! - surfing in these on a sunny day with clear blue skies and crystal water. Like, everything at that moment would be completely and utterly perfect.
And glary. Haha!
Anyway, it's by the bye because this is an old Hollywood costume and it's priced accordingly.
But imagine...!!