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Whatever, The Inertia.

As much as I'm loathe to contribute even slightly to this article getting any more attention than it's click-bait style writing aims to achieve, I still really want to say to Alex Haro and the rest of The Inertia editorial staff, 'Are you fucking serious?'

'3 Reasons How Surfing Can Make You Into A Full Blown Sex Machine' not only hacks at rules of grammar, but is also an actual article that The Inertia published on their website.

So if/when you go ahead and click to read this piece of crap, lad's mag style, stereotype-filled 'comedy' piece,  keep in mind that it's written by the Senior Editor at The Inertia, a website that has variously described itself as 'The Thinking Surfer's Website', and the 'Definitive Surfing Community'.

The Inertia is a website that flits unreflexively between publishing strong articles that highlight and argue against the sexism, homophobia and racism that can be so common in surfing culture and med…

Gwyn Haslock surfs in Cornwall

So, I know it has been around for a while, and I also hate that this is ultimately advertising but this little film is pretty great:

Some super interesting points that help highlight how and why surfing was possible or not for women in the past. For example, the capacity to carry their own surfboard (which was limited by the weight and length) and the limited number of other women participating.

Fingers crossed I get to live and surf as long as Gwyn.