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Flat Spell

Some days, it all just works. Some days it feels right. You have flow, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, energy and it all comes easily and without effort.
Your ideas, thoughts, excitement, heart, mind and body all spill out through your fingers, hands and feet. They move out through the things you create and easily become lines, sounds and shapes on a page or a canvas or in the water.
It all makes sense.
And then, some days, it’s not like that at all. You stall, and the lines and shapes are stilted and awkward. Ideas come to nothing, there is no motivation and everything feels heavy and cumbersome and badly drawn. Trying harder and pushing more makes little difference and the only thing you can do is…
Stop fighting and give yourself time to cool or warm, or time or change direction or whatever it is that moves you out of the creative doldrums.
You can stop looking for inspiration and instead allow yourself to just enjoy and feel, and have it sit with you in that moment only – stop…

How to stuff a wild bikini

Oh. My. Lord!

This song is from the 1965 film, 'How to Stuff a Wild Bikini' and I could no longer endure it on my own.

Words cannot even begin to describe my responses to the lyrics of this spectacle, but here are a few choice ones; alarmed, confused, confounded, stumped, breathless, flummoxed, astounded, uncomfortable and yet... amused.

The bit that really gets me though is the line (delivered with all the personality of a post)

It ain't nothin' without the stuffin'!


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Is it really so wrong to spend a Friday morning watching North Shore on YouTube?