How to stuff a wild bikini

Oh. My. Lord!

This song is from the 1965 film, 'How to Stuff a Wild Bikini' and I could no longer endure it on my own.

Words cannot even begin to describe my responses to the lyrics of this spectacle, but here are a few choice ones; alarmed, confused, confounded, stumped, breathless, flummoxed, astounded, uncomfortable and yet... amused.

The bit that really gets me though is the line (delivered with all the personality of a post)

It ain't nothin' without the stuffin'!


  1. God I love the word 'flummoxed'.

    I even love the state of being flummoxed just because it gives me an opportunity to say 'flummoxed'.

    That's why I just watched the clip three times in succession. And now I'm sitting here absolutely...


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