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I may look a lot like this when I dance.

(Mostly because I have similarly long arms.)

Greta Gerwig is just so cool - despite my reservations, I really loved Frances Ha - and this Arcade Fire song is great to run to. Especially when you mentally practice about the dance moves you could be doing instead...


So are you watching the Fiji Pro? The solid waves of Fiji are back on the WCT for the women, and it's really turned on for them!

I'm supposed to be working, but I'm thoroughly enjoying watching it live here. And I don't even really like competitive shortboarding!

(Update: Um, why are there no women commentating, interviewing, assisting, etc? Are there women judging? I can see them serving drinks in the bar, but so far, no-one is involved in the representation of anything in this broadcast. Seriously though, is this still happening? Oh hang on... Rosie Hodge just interviewed someone. She is so much better at this gig that Laird Hamilton. Ugh. I guess that comes with experience, which she is gathering after having done this for a while.)

(Update again: Did you see that awesome little marketing clip where one of the women says 'Why are we here? Because we frickin' rip and we deserve to be here!' Awesome. Despite this, there is still comment on this from the mi…

My friend Sarah xx

I have written many, many times about how almost all the swimmers I wear come from one lady - Sarah Kearney of Gypsy Jacket.

Sarah and I met through our blogs, actually, and developed a friendship via our words and my love of Sarah's swimmers. Then we had the luck to meet in the sea through a mutual friend and now we are actual, offline friends as well. And I just love her.

This little video by Ashley Beer gives you some idea of what a lovely, thoughtful, open-hearted woman Sarah is, but if you get the chance to be in touch with her - or to own one of her lovely creations - then you'll find out she's even lovelier than this film can convey.

GYPSY JACKET from Ashley Beer on Vimeo.

A world in a drop from the sea.

I'm a lover of the sky, the sunset, forests and the sea. I'm a fan of panorama and things that make me feel small and insignificant. But I forget that sharpening my focus and looking into things can make me feel just as small, just as insignificant.

So this is what a drop of water from the sea looks like when it's magnified 25 times. I'm not clear on where this drop was taken from, but you might want to think of it next time seawater is streaming out of your nose, eyes and ears after a surf. (via Lost at E Minor.)

And this? This is a grain of sand.