So are you watching the Fiji Pro? The solid waves of Fiji are back on the WCT for the women, and it's really turned on for them!

I'm supposed to be working, but I'm thoroughly enjoying watching it live here. And I don't even really like competitive shortboarding!

(Update: Um, why are there no women commentating, interviewing, assisting, etc? Are there women judging? I can see them serving drinks in the bar, but so far, no-one is involved in the representation of anything in this broadcast. Seriously though, is this still happening? Oh hang on... Rosie Hodge just interviewed someone. She is so much better at this gig that Laird Hamilton. Ugh. I guess that comes with experience, which she is gathering after having done this for a while.)

(Update again: Did you see that awesome little marketing clip where one of the women says 'Why are we here? Because we frickin' rip and we deserve to be here!' Awesome. Despite this, there is still comment on this from the microphone - Potts just said 'There have been questions asked whether the girls could handle this stuff, but they've proved they can.' Dude, they proved that a while ago.)

(And another update: They have just been cutting to shots of the male presenters drinking fucking smoothies. Smoothies they were served by the lovely 'ladies' who work at the Tavarua resort, while talking about how well the 'ladies' were surfing - how impressed they were. That they are supporting the women is all really great, but it also comes across as a bit patronising. Like it's still a new thing to be impressed by the women competitors. Also, Stephanie Gilmore's close-out barrel was so great. Getting involved in close-outs is so under-rated. Probably not in a comp though...)


  1. I think Rosie Hodge does a rad job at the interviewing! It's so refreshing to see and hear her after all the male commentary.

    This article sparked commentary at work yesterday at the surf company I work for. Jeez. I guess I wouldn't expect much more from Stab..


    I can understand if you don't want to give it your air time though..

  2. yeah, I thought Rosie Hodge was great. The time opportunities she has continued to be given in terms of interviewing in this context has allowed her to become really confident, relaxed and experienced. Learning how to do this stuff well takes time, so if we don't let people fumble and make a few mistakes, then they can't get better. I mean, Laird looked totally wooden in comparison, but I bet he will still get a chance to comment.

    And thanks for this link to the social media stuff. I'm actually really, really interested in this stuff ,so the link to this article is timely. Since I rarely look at Stab, I wouldn't have found it on my own.

    I might have a think about it and write something up. I'm trying to find my writing motivation again, so this is good fodder.

    Greatly appreciated! :)

  3. Horrible those attitudes are still so prevalent in professional surfing : /
    I read this article recently https://griffithreview.com/articles/is-it-hard-to-surf-with-boobs/ about sexism in women’s competitive surfing which might interest/dismay/infuriate you (which it did me).


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