A world in a drop from the sea.

I'm a lover of the sky, the sunset, forests and the sea. I'm a fan of panorama and things that make me feel small and insignificant. But I forget that sharpening my focus and looking into things can make me feel just as small, just as insignificant.

So this is what a drop of water from the sea looks like when it's magnified 25 times. I'm not clear on where this drop was taken from, but you might want to think of it next time seawater is streaming out of your nose, eyes and ears after a surf. (via Lost at E Minor.)

And this? This is a grain of sand.


  1. look close
    the answers
    are small
    they flutter
    on gossamer currents
    (ps it took three goes
    tp post this)

  2. Oh, that is lovely, Neil. Thanks for persevering (not sure what the go is with that, but I've had similar issues commenting on other Blogger sites. Hmmm).

    I've been reflecting a lot on gossamer threads recently, so this was a nice shift to a current.

    I just might see you on Weds night. If I can pull it off, it will be brief, but fingers crossed!



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