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Bodysurfing: Insider knowledge

Hilarious insider insight from Blue Water People - their first ever post in fact!

(via East is The New West)

Oh, and this one is pretty great too;

It feels like flying!

I've told you about my crazy nice, Mame Diarra, in the past. Her growing relationship to the beach and to the ocean has been something that I have taken great delight in, and which I have been stoked to see happen on the same sands and in the same water as my own oceanic life began.

This summer, her love of waves has become fully fledged and it is almost impossible to get her to the beach now without her little foam bodyboard - her 'surfboard' - in tow. I take her into the shorebreak and choose 'big ones' for her to catch into shore. She kicks her little, not-quite-four-year-old legs to keep her momentum going as the whitewash carries her across the shallow water and into shore. Mame Diarra can't swim, but that doesn't stop her as she fearlessly runs back out to me, standing waist-deep in the water. Her brother, Falilou is the same. He paddles out the back to catch unexpectedly big waves on his bodyboard. The biggest thing holding him back is me, as I strug…

The slow come-down from summer...

I've just come home to Brisbane from a drawn out summer break back down in my hometown of Byron Bay. It was heavenly. I reckon I got more waves in the past five or so weeks than I did in all of 2012 combined!

With all of that, blogging kind of fell to the wayside, a failing that I know you will be sympathetic to. But there was much to think about and I have a million things to say, so as in the past it is time to catch up by putting that all into words...