Gwyn Haslock surfs in Cornwall

So, I know it has been around for a while, and I also hate that this is ultimately advertising but this little film is pretty great:

Some super interesting points that help highlight how and why surfing was possible or not for women in the past. For example, the capacity to carry their own surfboard (which was limited by the weight and length) and the limited number of other women participating.

Fingers crossed I get to live and surf as long as Gwyn.



    what ya reckon?

  2. Hmmm... I get her point, but I'm not sure it works because she's still just sexualising herself in order to get to the surf - she's giving the viewer permission to 'get it out of their system'. For many women in the past, their access to surfing used to be almost totally through their sexual relationships with men who surfed, but we don't need to do that anymore. So yeah. While I can see her point and think it's kind of clever, this one doesn't work for me. Except to say that she doesn't care if she's sexualised as long as she gets to go surfing - which is fair enough - I'm don't think it works in terms of politicising the issue.

    But thanks for showing me! I wouldn't have seen this otherwise :)

  3. Thus days were so sentimental, I with my better half used to go Picnic to the sloping zone. Stunning Experience, Cathing fish and Riding longboard. That is absolutely incredible days in my life Longboards for Girls


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