Sitting at home in the lounge room, watching Young Guns and As Is, drinking tea and hanging with Nicky while Elaine cooks him a b'day cake...

Oh! And I'm looking through "'Getting There': travel, time and narrative" by Barry Curtis and Claire Pajaczkowska (1994), in Travellers' Tales: Narratives of home and displacement, edited by George Robertson, Melinda Mash, Lisa Tickner, Jon Bird, Barry Curtis and Tim Putnam (WHEW!). It got me thinking...

When we travel, we are inhabiting new physical, cultural and psychological times, spaces and locations than the ones we are accustomed to. We inhabit these new realities and try to understand them, but there is always a struggle to leave behind our cultural assumptions and to embrace the new.


Let's consider surfing as a cultural location. From this position, is it possible that when surfers travel for specific surfing holidays, they are, in part, inahbiting the same cultural location as they do in their 'normal' life? Perhaps it is the consistency of this familiar cultural location, which remains even when travelling in new places, times, spaces and cultures, that allows the kind of inter-cultural connection, communication and understanding that is the basis of this thesis.

This would imply that surfing is one of the most important locations that surfers (both Australian and Other cultures) identify with and as.


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