9021-ho ho ho!


My has friend led me down the dark path of watching entire series (yes, plural) of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD.

Don't judge me.

I have now dragged a few other friends along with me by feeding them small tid-bits that I have singled out as highlights and have since been spending many happy hours following the lives of Brenda, Brandon, Dylan, Kelly, Donna, Steve, Andrea (SUCKERman) and David Silver. It's rad.

How does this link? Well, first of all, if you have any sense of humour, you should go out and watch episode 2, season 1 - The Green Room. It's pretty much the best thing ever.


Here are some indicators...


Ha. Ha. Ha.

Dylan drives this AMAZING Porsche that gets him more chicks than any other car on earth and I know I shouldn't say that but my god... it's true. He also wears denim overalls with one shoulder undone and hanging down, coupled with a white t-shirt and 16-hole cherry Docs.

I'd hit it.

Small, but you get the idea.

Please note: People, he's wearing a poncho.

Although my personal focus is on Dylan, I must acknowledge that my Vouch bros are correct, Steve Sanders is the man. Lord knows, you can't really tell it from this picture - would someone please tell wardrobe they forgot the rest of Steve's SHORTS! - but this guy is killer!

(Unlike Brandon, who is LAME. The sunnies peak for themselves.)

And finally...

Back then...

And now...

Whatever! Sideshow Luke Perry or not, I'd still hit it.


  1. You should watch Sharknado then.. :)

  2. Haha. Yes, I have seen the clip for it and am pretty keen to watch it with massive bowl of popcorn and a beer. Oh, and with friends. It looks like 'that' kind of movie!


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