Look out the back! (el rolo)

I need to begrudgingly admit that I didn't find this myself - I snatched the link of someone else's Facebook post (thanks loom).

And look, I actually don't even know WHAT THE HELL THIS IS OR WHERE IT'S FROM and I'm much too busy to look into it today but it needed to go up here. And oh my lord has it made my day!

If you DO have further info, I would love you to share it with me. If there is more where this came from, it should be shared and broadcast!

Please, enjoy.

(P.S. the lyric "get up on your feet pretty baby" seems to get lost in translation!)


  1. the guy featured at the 14th second looks freakishly like an ex boyfriend of mine., sunglasses and all. man that's hilarious!

    1. Anonymous2:03 PM

      How can I watch it?

  2. shit, I posted that last comment as soon as I saw him, only to realise now that he is in fact the lead singer. I am now just going to claim I slept with the lead singer of this band and be satisfied with my life even if i never accomplish anything else ever again!

  3. The lead singer is in fact Brett Young, ex professional bodyboarder who died some years ago.. the rest of the crew are well known (in the old school bodyboarding world!!) adam 'wingnut' smith, doug robson, matt percy, ross hawke (mostly the original cronulla crew who pioneered professional bodyboarding in australia.)Along with the "skid kids" these guys were among the first to surf shark island with any real enthusiasm which is still notorious as one of THE heaviest waves on its day - The first of all though was Chaz McCall!!! The clip is from the CLASSIC bb film 'ripping the pit', which is epic!! i'm pretty sure that film clip was suppose to 'help' bodyboarding go mainstream on the wave of some current trends.... help it did not!!! brett got slammed within the bodyboarding community, i guess alot of people couldn't see the lighter side of things.. 15 years later (was it really that long ago!!??maybe it was more like 20? anyways now its a little easier to digest, as it it didnt completely ruin bodyboarding....

    Brett was an hilarious character, any film he appeared in was sure to make you either piss yourself laughing or want to throw your colour tv out the window. he also rode a bodyboard quite well..... and now there are several commemorative events held in his honour.

  4. The song sounds fresh. Like new. Honestly.

  5. Do you see all that information right up there? THAT is why Loom and I are friends, not only only Facebook, but in REAL LIFE!

    (and I can just hear his voice as he says it - smug with information!)

    Thanks Loom

    As for you kate, thank god you finally have SOMETHING you can be proud of in your life. What a relief! xx

  6. another little snippet..... this little piece was produced by Molly Meldrum. amazing!

  7. Molly!

    Ohhh, what a heavy hitter! They really scored with that.

    So at this stage, in terms of the major Australian music celebrity that supports different oceanic subcultures I reckon we can rate is as:

    Body boarding 1
    Surfing 0

  8. In principle, a good happen, support the views of the author

  9. Brett was an amazing bodyboarder, but even more as an incredible man.


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