Maquillage II

Yesterday, Clif posted this picture on Kurungabaa, named her Sally and wrote a little story about her to go with it.

Very cute.

Looking at that photo of Sally, I was struck by how lovely she is - how groomed and perfectly put together she is, despite being in the ocean and waves. She's gorgeous!

I used to work in retail, in a lovely women's clothes shop, full of this season's silk and lace and wool. I would wear beautiful clothes, dress my eyes in mascara and liner, and my lips in red paint. My hair would be washed and styled (as much as mine can be), my nails painted and clean. But still, I kept my longboard in the corridor behind the shop and as soon as I finished work, I would head to the beach and straight into the water. Within minutes I would have black stains running down my cheeks and lipstick smeared and faded - from perfectly painted to washed out in a moment! Looking tidy and going surfing don't seem to mix for me as well as they do for Sally up there!

But after a while I knew to get my eyelashes dyed dark to avoid the black, stained eyes and I found ways to wear my salty, wayward hair in new ways so that I could surf in the morning and not worry about looking a mess for work afterwards.

When I finished that job, I stopped wearing makeup altogether. The amount of time I was spending in the ocean took over my previous grooming routine and the salt and the water took over. Even now, I keep my hair in a cut that is easy to shake out and doesn't require brushing or drying.

At the moment I spend the bulk of my time away from the coast, so things have slowly morphed...

Yesterday, I looked in the bathroom mirror at a face that once more has dressed eyes and lips, skin that is winter pale and hair that is losing its sunny blonde. I wiped at the red and the black and the grey, smearing the marks off my skin, lips and eyes. I can't remember the last time I had makeup running down my face, but I'm feeling a sudden affectionate nostalgia for it.

Still, I'm terribly jealous of Sally's capacity for glamour!


  1. The male version of this is the beard.. when I have to do the 9 to 5 grind I miss my beard, when I rub my clean shaven face I feel like my freedom is gone..

  2. I love this comment, walrus.

    I find perfectly clean-shaven faces slightly suspicious and terrifying too. I can't bring myself to trust them...


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