Art Park/Atlantic artist residency in Byron Bay

The art folk of the surfing world have developed some pretty cool and supportive opportunities over the years. The latest one I have just seen is two newly created 4-6 weeks artist residencies in Byron Bay.


I have pasted some of the details below, but trot off to the Art Park website for all the info and application forms. And good luck!

Art Park/Atlantic Guesthouse artist residency

This residency program commences in February 2011. Each residency is held in conjunction with Atlantic Guest House Byron Bay, who provide the artist with accommodation and studio space.

We are happy to consider artists who work with wall mounted works, sculpture, photography, new technologies and installation.

Residency length is four to six weeks long. In consultation with Art Park, each residency may incorporate a solo exhibition and a floor talk.

The Art Park/Atlantic Artist Residency Program will supply and fund:

  • Fully furnished accommodation for a period of up to 6 weeks. The apartment is free of rental, gas and electricity charges to the artist in residence. An internet connection is available. This building is part of the Atlantic complex and is a 5 minute walk to shops, cinemas and the beach.
  • A studio space is available adjacent to the accommodation. A larger printmaking studio is also available off site.
  • Economy class travel from the Artists home to Byron Bay and return.
  • An daily allowance of up to $80.00AUS per day will be paid in advance to the artist to assist with miscellaneous daily expenses (food, surfboard hire, etc)

What we require

Each artist in residence is not required to produce a body of work, although we anticipate the environment may contribute to some creative output.

We ask the artist to leave behind 2 works of any size and format. These works will become part of the Art Park /Atlantic Artists Residency Program permanent collection.

**Applications for 2011 residencies are now open and close on December 31st 2010. You can find an application form via here.**

Residency times

Each residency can range from four to six weeks in the following months:

  • Residency 1: Mid February & March 2011
  • Residency 2: Mid September & October 2011 (to be confirmed)

Collaborations with other Institutions

The Art Park/Atlantic Artist Residency Program has an ongoing relationships with key galleries in Australia and will facilitate an exhibition of work should the artist desire.

Successful applicants are encouraged, but not required, to interact with the local community and schools by providing lectures or floor talks about their art practice.


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