Animals in the surf

Like all nations with a vibrant tourist industry, Australia produces some pretty questionable postcards. Which, may I admit here and without shame, I love. I love them. In fact, I used to have a whole sort of side-project, where I would keep my eyes open for them and send them to friends who were over the seas and living abroad.*

I bought these ones the other day to send to you all via my blog. I hope you enjoy them...

(I feel like this would have worked better if the Koala was on the nose of a longboard - hang ten, man!)

*Send me your address if you're keen!


  1. Awesome, Bec!
    We really enjoyed seeing the surfing animals, haha
    Thanks so much. Aloha, Cher and Steve

  2. You might like this
    Yup a sheep surfing in Cornwall, it carves better than me.

  3. Ha! They called her Mildred!

  4. What a nice & funny picture. I really enjoyed seeing the surfing animals. I have some funny moment when I ride my Whitewave Longboards .


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