Animals in the surf

Like all nations with a vibrant tourist industry, Australia produces some pretty questionable postcards. Which, may I admit here and without shame, I love. I love them. In fact, I used to have a whole sort of side-project, where I would keep my eyes open for them and send them to friends who were over the seas and living abroad.*

I bought these ones the other day to send to you all via my blog. I hope you enjoy them...

(I feel like this would have worked better if the Koala was on the nose of a longboard - hang ten, man!)

*Send me your address if you're keen!


  1. Awesome, Bec!
    We really enjoyed seeing the surfing animals, haha
    Thanks so much. Aloha, Cher and Steve

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    You might like this
    Yup a sheep surfing in Cornwall, it carves better than me.

  3. Ha! They called her Mildred!

  4. What a nice & funny picture. I really enjoyed seeing the surfing animals. I have some funny moment when I ride my Whitewave Longboards .


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