If only (x2)


  1. A blatant rip off of a british war poster produced in 1939 that said ' keep calm and carry on '

    Somebody found it a few years ago and as usual anybody with a product can claim it.

    Hey 'bec, how's it going on the strip? - bit bloody wet in the hills lately but at least its keeping the brownies in their holes.

  2. Yes, pete - It is a very blatant rip off of that.

    But it's cute anyway.

    It's wet here too and each day I leave the house with an umbrella, even if it's blazing sun. I'm SO over it.

    But I still find a way to walk along the river every day. It keeps me sane...

  3. "Keep Calm and Carry an Umbrella"

    "Keep Calm and Walk Along the River"

    "Keep Calm and Drink Gin"


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