What's on the World Wide Web today?

Some days, when I look around the various blogs and websites that I like to check, there are certain images, ideas or videos that seem to be the flavour of the day. For example, this week on design blogs, everyone is posting about 'cabins'. Yes - log cabins. In forests. I know, weird. And kind of boring at this end of the week.

But surf blogs are not immune to such 'consistencies' either, and on surf blogs today, pretty much all you will find is this video, All I've Found by Greenough. I've seen it in so many places that it's almost hard to locate the original online source (FYI. It's here at Kordury.tv). But, if you haven't managed to stumble across it already today, and in the spirit of this being a blog about surfing then... here you go!


  1. greetings Rebecca - yes seen the clip and some of the shots are from Innermost limits and/or Fantastic Plastic but then there's footage I have NEVER seen. Wonder what else GG has in his pyramid?

  2. woah, just got a little sting of homesickness watching that clip. the sea is frozen outside here. x


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