Oh, Chanel. You haute purveyor of all things surf!

Remember a few years ago when we talked about Vogue magazine making surfing high fashion? Well, things are getting ever surfier over at Chanel...

Yeah, sure, I guess. I must say, however, that that is possibly the prettiest man I have ever seen. I don't know what it means in terms of surfing, but Pete Bowes would probably have something to say about all of that, I imagine.

(Clip via EBNY)


  1. Isn't that Danny Fuller?

  2. Hilarious stuff, this. The fetishizing of surfing is a blight both from without and within the community. As is the guilt by association arguments.

    But yeah, that guy is apparently pretty good looking. And not a bad surfer.

  3. Not just for guys either(!) Maybe this means surfing will be out of fashion by next season...

  4. Fingers crossed, Rebecca!!

    P.S. And these ones too...


  5. Bet those boards never see the water!


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