Museum of British Surfing opening

So, if you live on the west coast of the UK (or further afield, I mean, nothing is that far), you might want to go and check out the opening of the Museum of British Surfing, because it sounds awesome!

A 74- year lease has been secured on The Yard, an old railway building on the villages's Caen Street car park - it includes Braunton skate bowl and the local youth club run by Devon County Council... 
The surfing museum has given Devon Youth Services a rolling 25 year lease, rent free, to continue running the youth club - it also carried out community painting and planting projects in the last 12 months with locals young people and families to help improve the area. 
We've developed a flexible and innovative museum - each year you'll see a new themed exhibition at our venue which will then go on to tour around the UK. Alongside this, we're planning smaller outreach displays and regular events at The yard and other locations in North Devon, featuring music, film, art and culture.

Seriously, that sounds amazing! What a wonderful vision for the museum and its potential in not only the British surfing community, but also young people in the local and regional communities.

If you make it there, can you please let us all know what it's like? Thanks!

(Thank for the heads up, kernowfornia dreaming)


  1. It was amazing! So many interesting things to look at I had to go twice. The main focus at the moment is surf art but there are also some amazing things from as far back as the 1890s, incredible to think people have been surfing in the UK for over 120 years! I've done a little sneak peek with some pictures here. There were some great photos of women surfing from the 1910s-20s in fabulous costumes and swimming caps, but they were on a digital screen so I couldn't get a good photo unfortunately, you'd have loved them.

  2. Hey Rebecca. Thank you SO much for this. I'm sorry I haven't said thank you for it until now - I've been AWOL...

    I'll have to look over the pictures again though. Hopefully I can come and check it out myself sometime too!

    Thanks again! x


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