Women get critical

Holy nose ride, Kassia Meador.
I honestly don't know who took this picture, which makes me hesitant to post it. But it is uncredited all over Tumblr at the moment (which is something I really hate about Tumblr, actually), so here it is being blogged now too. 

Because it's a really great shot.


  1. Absolute style.
    In terms of the uncredited, here's my observations as a photog. It was taken with expensive equipment - probably a 400 to 600mm lens which blurs the background and crunches up the perspective. Most photogs would put a watermark along the side. Notice the vertical and horizontal proportions are out of whack suggesting somebody has simply cropped out the section where the watermark would have been. Not too aloha.

  2. Nice observations, Brine brother. and no, its nOt too aloha at all. I followed the Tumblr trail as far as I could, but it led to no joy. Hopefully someone will contact me about it and I can credit them.


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