The Undress: For if you get carpark changing anxiety (I don't).

One of the ongoing embarrassments that my surfing buddies endure, is the lack of concern I have about modesty when I get changed in the carpark pre- and post- surf. I'm sure you think you know how much I don't care, but you really don't. I feel like making a fuss draws more attention that just changing and risking the fact that someone might see parts of your body for a moment. But I can see why my friends might tire of seeing me. Haha. My poor friend Izzy is so used to/exasperated by my needless boob and bum flashing that she has pointed me to this new possibility: The Undress.

So, I'm not saying this isn't a great idea - I mean they really have thought of everything and it's pretty smart! - but I am saying it's sort of mental. How chuffed is April though. Also, people are clearly super stoked on this idea because while they aimed to raise $22,000 and they already have $182,627!! Holy crap!

I'm not chucking in for their Kickstarter campaign because I'm a bit Kickstarter-ed out right now, and clearly they don't need me anyway, but if you're keen and want to get one as part of the deal, you can find out more here.


  1. I'll have you know, my own change scenario was designed and manufactured by an Oscar winning costume designer. I can get you one too for $182,627 (US)

  2. Well, considering that robe is both awesome AND Oscar winning costume designed (TM), that price seems pretty reasonable. I'll check my bank account...

  3. This piece of spam is so hilarious and dumb that I'm not even going to delete it. Haha. Sounds like you're doing American women a real favour there, Anonymous.


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