I am 100% going to watch this

Confession: I love action films.

As in, they're one of the few things in life that makes me happy to momentarily throw aside my politics and critical thinking and just get lost in the insanely problematic maelstrom of explosions, car chases, violence, and special effects. I don't even need a plausible plot! I just love the total craziness of it all. That's not to say that I don't notice all the propaganda, sexism, racism and homophobia because you know I do. I so, so do. And it's not to say that I don't want the film industry to find ways to fix all of that stuff up. And of course all of this is something that is hotly debated online: Mad Max: Fury Road has certainly inspired some good debate and media around that, any film by Joss Wheadon* is also an opener of worm cans, and The Hawkeye Initiative sure highlights the degree to which comics and superhero films treat women really terribly. Of course, I think through all the issues later on and think of ways that they suck and I read all the debates that go on line in terms of, in particular, sexism. But I love them anyway.

I can't really explain why, but when it comes to action films, you can count on me to be on board as an enthusiastic viewer, so when I saw this trailer for Point Break 2 my heart leapt into my throat.

That clip is everything. It is all the sports you can think of - surfing, snowboarding, base jumping, sky diving... Did they actually miss anything except high lining? It is also all the cliches and all the stereotypes. And yet, check out a woman charging Teahupoo. Yeah, of course she's in a bikini, because no woman can possibly surf waves in a wetsuit or boardshorts, but she's there and that's something, right. Anyway, since we have Bodhi and Johnny Utah back, that woman better be called Tyler.

Also, how's how Bodhi and Johnny Utah have swapped hair colours! I wonder what the thinking was on that? Is brunette more edgy now? Also, why does Tyler have to have long hair. Yawn.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I'm excited to see it and I'm excited to see what decisions they make about representing women. Come on Tyler!!

*You can look Joss Wheadon debates up yourself. He's surrounded by controversy at the moment, but he made Buffy and he's been consistently vocal about making better female characters in action films.


  1. Nothing beats a crazy car chase and an implausible plot line... but can you take one for the team and take Fiela along to this one??? ;) Ha ha!

  2. I'd love to Lun, but it appears to be turning into a girl's night...

    For real.

  3. Looks like an absolute nightmare- good for you! : )

    My soft spot (back of my head, I reckon) is zombie movies. Good ones, mind you!


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