Hermès surf? Pour quoi pas!

Following Chanel's love affair with surfing, it's not surprising to see images of women who surf being used in other luxury campaigns.

This time it's Hermès who surfs.

I can't find the film to embed (yet), but you can check it out via this link.

Famed for their exquisite scarves and handbags, Hermès is luxe to a new level. This little film they've shot to promote their beautiful, hand made, labour intensive scarves (apparently engraving the silk screen takes 750hours!), is very pretty. It does all the usual things relating to mainstream marketing images of women's surfing - young, slim, feminine, white women - but it's pretty.

The bit where the scarf shimmers like the surface of the water is mesmerising. I wish there had been more of that because the rest isn't particularly interesting or innovative in terms of images.

Like the Chanel film and film and images before it, this is hard to read or think about or critique this of marketing beyond it being a pretty piece of not-very-original nothing-much-at-all. In a way, it looks like a day in the water with friends, but then, it could only look that way if your friends were all wearing scarves worth almost A$700.


  1. Seems like they're all at it....

    1. Nice filmography but no idea what it has to do with Dior!

  2. Holy hell! How have I not seen that!? Well, now I know what I'll post about in the morning - Dior, longboarding and Australian surfing in a post-Depp masculine world!! Seriously though...

    Thanks for sharing this, Wheardo

    1. Haha, it's weird because it's not even an advert per se. Maybe they're diversifying from high fashion into surf documentaries?! At least the Hermes one has some not very subtle (but very pretty) product placement!

  3. I'm pretty sure, even when I'm a squillionaire, that I won't be taking my $700 scarf down to the beach let alone into the surf. Loving the shots, laughing at the lack of realism.


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