History of surfing in Lennox Head

Australian surf history has a pretty consistent narrative that tends to focus on people rather than places. That people are so key to how we talk about the surfing past in Australia means that there are legacies that get protected, businesses that rely on particular myths, and ego that rely on the status. I'm not saying any of this is terrible, I'm just saying...

But I just saw a call for submissions and participation in a history of surfing that is specifically related to a place, rather than a person or technological development: Lennox Head. The history is to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Lennox National Surfing Reserve in February 2018. The project seems to be called, 'Surfing Lennox'. You can find more details here.

Lennox is a beloved, localised and popular place, with it's own tensions and importance when it comes to surfing in Australia and the world. I'll look forward to hearing more about this project as it goes along, and to buying the resulting book.

The project is being run by the Lennox Head Heritage Committee, who released a media release on the project (which is via here):
Robyn Hargrave, Convenor, Lennox Head Heritage Committee explained, ‘In 2008 the Surfing Reserve was recognised as a site of environmental, cultural and historical significance to the Australian surfing culture. We have assembled an experienced volunteer ‘surf-crew’ working with the Lennox Head Heritage Committee to preserve our surfing history.’  
But the team needs your help.  
They are calling out to the public for donations of photos, recollections and any surfing lifestyle memories that can be collated into the publication that will reflect the transition of surfing Lennox circa 1958 through to the present. The exact date surfing started in Lennox is a mystery. It is generally thought that in 1958 Ballina man Barry Regan was one of the first to surf Lennox Point on his five metre timber board. But even Barry is not sure he was the first.
Contact details are all on the press release over HERE, so if you know much about the surfing past of Lennox Head, get involved!


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