Ice Cream Headaches

Given my experiences with Kurungabaa, I'm always keen to support an interesting project about surfing.

Ice Cream Headaches, a book and photo project about surfing in New York, is the latest one that captured my attention. To be honest, being a city dweller myself, any project about city-related surfing grabs my attention, and New York surfing culture in particular, bucks the ideals of surfing in pristine nature, of surfing in warm, clear waters, of surfing as accessible. New York has a strong coastal culture and the beaches look amazing. While it sure looks like it has an enthusiastic surf crew, but actually surfing it does not look so easy.

This project is focused on folk who live and surf in New York, telling surfing the city's stories through their experiences. The two chaps producing it have a crowd-funding page for the production of the book, offering a range of options from throwing in some cash to pre-purchasing books, t-shirts, art prints, and even surf lessons!

I don't contribute to every project I see, but I'm a fool for a book and fascinated by NYC surfing, so this is one I've contributed to this one.

If you're keen, you can find the Ice Cream Headaches fundraising page here, and their Instagram account here (which is where I grabbed the images below).


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