It's always worth asking!

I follow lots (and lots) of surfing accounts on Instagram. Lots. Many of these are focused on and run by women, but I also follow lots of other general surf sites and magazines. Most of the general sites follow the usual pattern of not including much content about women, which is annoying and always stands out to me. Of course.

The other day, I saw an interesting post on the account @oldsurfermags. The post was a collection of ten of the most liked images that have been posted by the (I'm assuming) male administrator, Chris Allen.

While I still had hopes, the most liked images, not surprisingly, were all of men. The images are amazing, but I felt a bit bummed. Instead of stewing in my bummed-ness though, I commented on the post:

(Before I go on, let's take a moment to enjoy my excellent typo! Hahaha.)

I don't comment a lot on posts link this way (although there was one occasion that I did and got into a discussion with Kelly Slater about trans bodies, but that's a story for another time), but on this occasion, I though, why not! The account has over 57,000 followers, so I figured it'd get lost in the thread anyway. But it didn't! The administrator replied!

Not only did he reply, he posted two multi-image posts the following day!!

I've linked each image to the post, so you should totally go to the account and like both of these posts. I know it's a bit lame, but likes really make a difference to whether and how people are represented on Instagram, so I try to always like things that I want to support and see more of.

Thanks so much Chris Allen, not only for listening, but for following through! This is just so cool!


  1. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Love this!! It really demonstrates the gravity of an act as simple as inquiring.


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