P.S. The Cardinals were A-MA-ZING!

Ryan's voice is so incredible and clear and poignant and the Cardinals are a tight-sounding band and such talented musicians. Their renditions of Cold Roses and Mockingbird and Dear John and Let it Ride were especially memorable for me. I DO wish he'd have played 29 though...

Admittedly, Ryan continues to be hilarious. At one point he forgot his words and stopped and quickly assured the audience that,

"It's ok! It's no-one's fault! I'm not in a bad mood or anything, and it's not your fault."

Glad you cleared that up, Ryan.

He also appears to dislike standing on the soles of his feet, opting instead for the outsides or the arches. Really. I know it sounds weird, but you should see how it looks!! Bless him though - it is endearing.


Dear Neil Casal,

Will you marry me?

Best wishes,



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