For when you start to take life too seriously

Ok, ok, ok!!

I've been on a slightly verbose trip the past few days, so let me lighten the atmosphere by sharing this very particular aspiration of mine...

If all I achieve this year is to learn and replicate this routine* in it's entirety, I will be beyond satisfied with myself.

If you are not a particular fan of Mrs Jay-Z (and I count myself amongst this number) then you may be quick to navigate away from this page. Don't. Give the dance a chance my friend. Give it two perhaps. There is truly something for everyone in here.

I would like to point out that the moves displayed at 1:32 are particularly spectacular and impressive.

Sometimes, just sometimes, pop music is all that will really do.

*Clearly I could go on at some length about my conflicted feelings regarding the lyrics - commodified version of commitment and so on and so forth - but in this case, I'm just going to let it all go and DANCE. And if you think for a moment that I am not going to be bopping around this room as soon as this is posted, then you would be sadly mistaken.


  1. leelu has the chorus down perfectly. She sings it so well. She bags being the backup dancer stage left, I'm happy to be stage right.

  2. So, so, so that means I get to be Beyonce!!??

    *punches air*


    *starts fitting herself for a one-sleeved leotard*

  3. um, you get to be Sasha Fierce (Beyonce's stage name.)

    * author rolls eyes and thinks she so should have been Sasha instead


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