In the boot

I really love owning a car.

I don't know if I'm supposed to say that, but I do. It's not about status or anything, it's about access and freedom. If I didn't have a car, my life would become completely impossible and I would probably fall into a fairly significant pit of despair. I know that sounds melodramatic, but at this point in my life, my car enables my life to run the way I want it to, the way I need it to. Living between two different places that are a couple of hours apart and being a surfer of the longboarding variety, a car comes in handy.

This car, Agatha (Aggie), is my third car after Emily (white '79 Corolla) and Ruby (maroon '93 Excel), and while she is in no way my favourite (Em will forever claim that revered title), she is my most user friendly. The best thing about her is that my board fits INSIDE, and the worst thing is there's no cup holder - it really annoys me.

The boot has lots of room and I keep a roll call of items in there at all times. I have a plastic box that contains;
  • a selection of swimmers
  • vest
  • tie-downs
  • sunscreen
  • fin key
  • wax
  • 4 clothes pegs (!!?)
  • legropes
  • (I used to have moisturiser in there too, but somehow I've let that slide. I must fix that.)

I have two towels, a sleeping bag, and a rain jacket and I also keep a t-shirt, tights, socks and trainers to run in. There's also usually some skanky old bottle of water floating around as well.

If nothing else, I'm prepared.


  1. If you have an armrest this cup holder is handy.

  2. Wow. Thanks Jeff.

    Unfortunately, no armrest. I just wedge drinks into the passenger seat with my handbag and hope for the best. It isn't always the most successful venture though...


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