The Hero comes undone

Last week I was out in the water when a guy paddled up and started chatting. He seemed kind of familiar with me, but I had no idea of who he was (which isn't unusual - this kind of thing happens to me quite often actually, because I am terrible at remembering faces). He was friendly though - he was calling me into waves and kept paddling over, and to be honest it was weirding me out until he eventually raised the point I'm assuming he'd been wanting to make since he saw me out there,

Remember that guy who was hassling you in the surf here that day?

I looked at him. Blank. Then, ohhhhh!! Now I remember! He was mates with that Hero-type character last year.

Oh yeah, I reminisced. He was a dick.

Well, he got kicked out of our boardriders!

Really! For being a dick and hassling women?

Nope. For hassling an old guy. They told him to get lost.

Oh well. Maybe it's the hit his ego needed.

Nah, he's still hassling people. He's a real nightmare...

See! It wasn't just me! I feel somewhat vindicated in my behaviour now. I've thought about that whole scenario many times since and now, although I don't feel better about it, I do feel like I at least stood up to the right kind of person.


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