February (2009)

Fuck, it was hot today.

Ice-cream dripping
Dog with its tongue out, hiding in the shade.
Lobster pink backpackers on the beach
Expanding water bottles.

Air too thick to breathe.

Frizzy hair humid
Feet burning as I run across the sand
Sunscreen greasy on my skin.
Fingers leaving sweat marks on the pages of my book.

Argh! Don't touch me!

Steering wheel too hot to hold
Can barely move.
Grocery shopping, for the air-con cool.
Stay out of the sun!

I'd love a beer.

Condensation on my glass,
Ceiling fan clunking as it pushes air.
Swimmer bottoms, no top
Every door and window open.

Sub tropics.

Winter sounds so good right now.


  1. darn. i have no defenses against tomorrows summer!

  2. Suck it up while you can, my dear. Suck it right up! Becaue your pale, white, winter softened skin is going to be toast!!

    (See you Sunday? Heard there's a little bit of swell arriving just in time! Bring sunscreen...)

  3. Yeh the humidity sucks! February is the month we cop it over here on the south coast of WA so I am able empathise well!


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