The Monkey's Arse 2 - Legropes and learners?

So, an update on the conversations that have arisen from the recent accident at The Pass, in Byron Bay...

Recently, Ben at In Byron Bay Today asked people to write in and speak up, providing space outside of the rather confusing community forums, to see what people think about surfing in busy lineups these days. Obviously, these letters are about The Pass specifically, but it's kind of interesting in broader terms anyway, seeing the ways people describe situations and the ways they explain their position as surfers.

The responses Ben published are here, and I reckon he set it up fairly well. He insisted that people use their own names, which meant folk couldn't go on some free-for-all rant, instead had to state opinions that would be linked back to them.

I reaslise that The Pass is a pretty specific kind of break, but if nothing else, These letters give and an interesting little view into how some people see surfing hierarchies and traditions in Australia.


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