Thank you for yielding (to Slater's achievements)

In the past, I have been told that Kelly Slater's biography is a really, really boring read. I have been told that it is full of contest results and descriptions, which has always led me to avoid it because, well, as a book? Yawn. I already know that Kelly Slater is rad and amazing and incredible and so on. He is amazing* and I don't dispute that in any way, but I tend to find lists of 1st places and championships get a bit mundane after four minutes or so. For proof, watch this clip. Even the congressman seems to get bored/jealous/exhausted...

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Oddly, yet not unsurprisingly, Florida's dynamic Congressman manages to tie Slater's achievements back into the US economy and retain the interest of the audience. Wow. Achievements are not achievements unless they contribute to the nation's economy. Although, when you think about it like that, it's funny they didn't mention him dating Pam and Gisele and Cameron. Surely that contributes to the development of the entertainment industry by selling magazines broadening their dating pool as well...? Creative industries indeed!!

Anyway, good luck with having your indisputable rad-ness officialised though government recognition, Kelly.



  1. Slater can come and increase my economy if he likes! Despite all the hype and first place trophies he's still a legend and a progressive surfer who is never boring to watch!

    Good point...someone is always selling out to increase productivity!

  2. Oh no no no! I didn't mean to say Slater is selling out - that was not my argument here and is an entirely different kettle of fish! I promise!

    My point was how his achievements as an athlete, as a surfer and as a person get re-framed in terms of economics, which is a shame! His efforts should stand alone in terms of recognition on any honour roll, yet politicians still need to make things finacially viable (even if somewhat tenously) in order to validate them even further.

    For me, sport, art, music, dance, words, film... these are all things that should be valued on their merit as contributing to our lives in ways that are hard to quanitfy. And honestly, how could you ever really quantify the contribution that someone like Slater has made to surfing.

    To me, your response here says more about his impact than any list of contest results could ever do, Rose. Nice one.

  3. I agree with you point. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. x

  4. I agree with your point. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. x


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