So, a fair bit of time has passed (and a lot has happened) since I last posted back on December 16th. Since that time my internet:computer:time:energy ratio has been a bit of a negotiation through family, location, obligations, stress, work, and other assorted and general end-of-one-year-beginning-of-the-next chaos.

But I have been blogging in my head, so the plan is to back date posts to get me back to this date. I will try and post them in order, but I can't promise anything. If you are really keen, you might have to keep looking back through between here and Dec 16th to catch all that I post in the coming week or so. I'm not certain it is the most rational or necessary method, but this is my blog, so I get the final say in making this that slightly dubious call. It might take me a bit of time, but you will know when I have caught up with myself and stopped posting previous to this, because this post will no longer be the top one, and will itself get buried beneath something new.

Anyway, I hope it works and I also hope you don't think I'm completely mental...


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