When I was in high-school, there were two jobs in particular that I was attracted to; forensic scientist and marine biologist. I loved biology and did well in my classes, topping my year more than once. Nerd!

For reasons that don't bear explaining, forensic science piqued my interest when I was about 14, which might go some way to explaining my deep and abiding love for CSI across its many cities, with my order of preference being 1. Las Vegas, 2. New York and then 3. Miami (the least loved of the CSI family). Marine biology is a less interesting teenage dream as, let's admit it, all coastal children aim to live and work in the ocean, contributing to its health. Nonetheless, despite the cliche, it was my direction of choice. After finishing school and being accepted into the course, I deferred study to go travelling, where I met a young man who laughed at my dreams of saving the ocean, one turtle at a time,

Don't be ridiculous
, he mocked. You can't do that! You love people and words, not fish. You need to find something else to study.

Thinking over his excellent points, I realised he was right. My romantic dreams were rightly shattered, and I ended up studying Arts instead. And the rest remains to be seen... Despite my fading knowledge, my interest and connections to biological sciences have remained. So imagine my delight at the discovery of this sign at the entrance to the building I have recently relocated to;

Isn't it wonderful! 'Science' in tube-lighting (Although, I think it really says 'Science!', with an exclamation mark). It brings me a thrill, that after so long I find myself, in a small way, back in the realm of my teenage dreams. I feel like an intruder, walking through corridors that have directions to 'Molecular Biology' and others to, well I forget exactly, but something to do with Algae! It gives me an odd thrill to think that I might be mistaken as the kind of person who looks like they might belong down one of those corridors. The buzz does get killed on the odd occasion when I bump into a colleague from my School who, with a look of confusion and concern on their face, demands,

What are YOU doing over here?

If only they knew how different things almost were...



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