The white, middle-class burden

I came across this film by Dominic Coleman, over at The Surfer's Path,

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A comedian and actor by trade, Coleman explains that creating this cringe-making character, wasn’t actually that difficult for him:
“I started surfing about five years ago and as a landlocked, middle-aged weekend warrior I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration for the character of ‘Michael’. My family all appear playing themselves, again they didn’t have to do too much acting! I also pulled in a few favours from friends like Adrian at Fluid Juice and a few Bantham (Sth Devon) locals who all gave up a bit of time to help out.

“The inspiration for the character did actually come from a guy I met at Bantham. His wife and young daughter were lugging his SUP across the car park as he was chatting boards with another sweeper. He had a brand new T5 that he’d converted. I just thought he was a very funny guy and one of the ‘new’ breed of mid-life escapists who’d been drawn to the sea. (Again much like myself I have to add.) Since I had the opportunity, and some money from the film council, I thought I’d like to make a film about something I love. My background, work-wise, is predominantly tv comedy so I just set out trying to find a way to marry the two together.”
But watching this film made me feel a bit sad, actually. I know I'm supposed to ridicule this character, but I find myself feeling really sorry for him and the dissatisfaction he has with his life.


  1. I, too, put this film on my blog. I didn't hate this guy either. Still, I meet way too many people like him surfing here in Los Angeles. After awhile, it gets tiresome dealing with all of them.

    Nevertheless, I thought this film was well done. It does speak to the fact that we middle aged folks often don't want to be forced into the roles society thinks we should play. So, it's actually kind of sad because he's stuck and he wants his freedom (from the mundane). I get it . . . and I wish him--and the rest of them--luck.

  2. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Thats a really well done little film, though I can't help but cringe at how accurate a stereotype this is, in the UK at least. 'Pass the vino' arghhh I die a little inside whenever I watch that bit!

  3. Yeah, 'Pass the vino' is pretty cringe-worthy...

    I think the saddest thing is that he doesn't include his family in this thing he is so into - which is how he ends up alone.


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