Clouds. Oh how I love them.

(Image from Nathan Oldfield's blog)

Every evening, I watch the sky as the sun sets. Every evening. I love the colours, the shapes, the light, the end of day. And every evening, without fail, I wish I was watching it from the water, from the sea. For now, that wish is rarely granted, but I happily make do enjoying it during long walks, or from our veranda. From where I live, I can watch the sun set behind green hills that dominate the city skyline. We're pretty lucky here in Brisbane.

Yesterday, I surfed into the dusk with some friends. The waves were small (and that's being generous), but the sunset was something to behold. The clouds were more sparse than Nathan's castles in the air, but smoke from a (bush? cane?) fire in the hills turned the sun a bright, neon red as it sank. As we surfed the warm, tiny waves, we watched the colours glow and shift and change and fade towards night.

It was perfect. 


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    cloud love is so under the radar
    a memory so fine with lucid detail bubbling in the brain of things
    appearing in the sky of seen canvases as fairy floss of eye candid nudity dancing on the horizon of spatiality a lurid perception riven with poetics the strings of inextricability played lovingly on a harp slding underneath the feet.


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