A request

Hello out there,

Can someone please organise some nice swell in Noosa for this coming weekend? I'll be up there for the weekend and I've been looking at the forecast which is pretty uninspiring/frustrating, so if someone could change it, that would be great. Nothing major - I'm not asking for all-time conditions or anything - just some nice little waves to play around on.

Oh, and sunshine.

Sincere thanks in advance,

Rebecca Jane Olive


  1. Okay, I put in a request.
    He looked at me funny, a little bit stern, maybe some disappointment in there. But I swear there was a glimmer of amusement.

  2. Hey, I had a word to the God of my choice whose secretary indicated that the Supreme Deity was out of the office on some sort of junket with all the other people's gods - something about "recharging the stok-o-meter". On the other hand, I have posted a beautiful sunset which you can witness this weekend if you climb Mt Tinbeerwah west of said flat surf locale.

  3. Thanks fellas! It is, after all, a pretty mediocre/lame request for waves. I mean, really. Now we wait...

    But Neil, if those waves do turn up, let me know if you're about on the weekend. I'll email you my digits.


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