Brisbane is for surfers*

In the more than four years that I have lived in Brisbane, I have never once overheard a conversation between strangers that was about surfing. But this morning, at the inner-city markets, I was stood next to two women at the 'I Love Sprouts' stall who were chatting about the surf (Note: I was waiting for coffee at the stall next door. Not for sprouts. Not that I have anything against sprouts [except alfalfa, ugh], I'm just saying that I wasn't buying them is all). The conversation went on and on - they were talking about water temperature and what wetsuits they were wearing and waves and all the things that I never fail to overhear in conversations when I'm by the coast. But in Brisbane! This was an oddity.

And then there's the sky from Thursday. 


I think the city is might be trying to make a subtle suggestion...


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