Cars and surfing

For most of us, cars are a central part of going surfing. In Australia, cars were an historically important part of the spread and reach of surfing and surfing culture in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, when cars became mass-produced and car ownership became affordable for younger people. Photos of groups of young men and women taking off to explore the coast have become iconic. For example, I see this photo by John Witzig of Bob McTavish at Noosa all the time - in books, online and even in films.

This image is even the front page image on John Witzig's website.

In Australia, surfing has really significant connections to cars; historically, symbolically, stylistically and practically

In a similar way to the freedom they provided to surfers last century, cars have been really important for my surfing life. Because I live in Brisbane and especially because I ride longboards, if I didn't own a car, my access to the surf would be entirely reliant on the kindness and generosity of car-owning friends. I'm sure it would be fine, but the freedom that I have to come and go as I please would be gone. I no longer enjoy the space of a wagon, but I still don't take my little Kia Rio hatchback (with roof-racks, of course) for granted! I'm so lucky to own a car.

So when I saw, 'Rad Cars With Rad Surfboards', somewhere online (Facebook?) the the other day, I really got it. Not that I'm so into cars as a thing, but I do think a lot about the links between cars and surfing. Also, they're pretty fun.

For plenty more, check out the 'Rad Cars With Rad Surfboards' tumblr.


  1. My tother faves back in the day - hitching cycling and skating


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