Surf erotica

Thanks to Facebook (hi Dallas!), I just discovered a whole genre of surf erotica that I never knew existed. Obviously, if I'd thought about it for more than a second, I would have assumed this existed though. (Sorry for the Amazon promo. I'm to time-poor for photo editing today).

This gay erotic novella is set on the California coast among college-age surfers. The story follows Joey Verona who is the second son in a highly conservative family. Joey has turned 18 and just had his first beer. He's on his way to college, mainly to get away from his super religious parents. Joey finds that life on his own is a whole lot more than he'd ever hoped. Little does he know it when he leaves home, but he also finds himself in bed with his big brother's best friend, Dusty.

Thirteen tales of gay romantic erotica to make you swoon! Includes three stories never before published. Set in locations from Hawaii to Florida and New York to outer space, these stories will charm you, excite you and make you believe in romance all over again. 

Clancy Wade didn't plan on taking off for the Australia Day long weekend, but after waking up naked in the bed of his best mate Johnno, Clance panics, packs up his surfboard and his faithful dog Bluey, and heads north in an attempt to straighten himself out. But at a remote beach on the New South Wales north coast, Clance meets Brazilian traveller Danilo, an open-minded, free-spirited surfer who's about to teach Clance that sometimes in order to find yourself... you just have to let it all hang out.


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