Women surf

Since watching the debate about the apparent inability of major surf companies to represent women who surf as surfers, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for current images and clips that show how it can be done without having to sexualise the women. I mean, I've been keeping my eyes peeled more than usual. And since I've not been writing much of late, I'm going to try and reignite my energy for contributing to an ever-growing archive of awesome images and video and stories of women surfing on this blog, which was part of the original intention anyway. I mean, the way I see is that there are an ever-growing number of bikini-clad images, so the more images and clips I can point to that show women's surfing is awesome whether sexualised or not, the better.

I'm going to start with, Say No More, which I saw over on Surfsister's always great blog. This film is showing at Carlsbad Village Theatre tonight and looks like its got some awesome surfing in it.

Say No More from Bird Man Media on Vimeo.

I'm straight up excited to see this film, so am suddenly bummed I don't live in California. If you go see it, I'd love a review!


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