The first signs...

The onset of winter is marked by many things - leaves change colour, days get shorter, temperatures drop...

But for me there is one sign in particular that indicates the changing of the seasons and the beginnings of my yearly Winter waist-expansion. And yesterday, I confronted it head-on,

Look at them there - soft, sweet, pink and white with that intriguing dusty covering on the outside. Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways... I demolish them in handfuls straight out of the packet, but for me they really come into their own either toasted over a fire or immersed in hot chocolate! And marshmallows, my own personal dietary nemesis, go on sale every winter! Sale! Right when you're at your weakest and upping the hot chocolate quota, these little puppies become more numerous, affordable and accessible.

Oh the timing!

Oh the injustice!

Oh the sugar content!

(See you in three kilos time...)


  1. This made me smile. Do you also like circus peanuts? Not sure if they have them in Oz. Orange marshmallow-y peanut shaped candies? Ooo how about marshmallow cream? Do you like to eat that by the spoonful (like me?). I only do it twice a year now.

  2. But Jamie! Jamie! We have NONE of those delights here in Australia. NONE!

    Well, now I truly understand weight people feel behind the phrase "God bless America!" - any nation which is that dedicated to marshmallows is ok by me!

  3. I want to mail you some! Seriously. Will you email me your mailing address?


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