The lady is not enthused!

My friend Lorelei posted this image on her blog the other day to sum up how she was feeling,

and I have to say that it resonates with me at the moment too.

Well at the very least, it resonates with how I feel about going surfing at the moment.

And it's weird because if nothing else in life I can't usually be faulted for my levels of enthusiasm. In fact, you could most usually describe with using words like 'enthusiastic', 'hyperactive', 'annoying' and 'excited' on a regular basis.

But I've felt like this before, so I know it will pass. And due to my propensity for self-analysis I also have a pretty good idea of what it's all about (and that's absolutely none of your business, so stop asking!), so I know that will pass too, but for the moment... quel annoyance! I do keep going out in the water though, but even when I push through that I just can't be arsed paddling for anything. It's awful! And embarrassing. And ugly. It's not that I have a bad time or anything, I just don't really care.

So I've been making lots of effort at regaining inspiration this week - going to galleries, taking photos, seeing friends, walking, getting drunk - so I am trying! And I thought I got over it the last weekend when I was home and had two days surfing that were so great. It seemed that my enthusiasm was back and, although not at the usual level of 'overflowing', I was psyched. But the last week has proved that I was wrong.

So let's face facts and do so by making use of a bad metaphor - I'm having my own personal flat spell.



  1. Well I have been having a similar but extended 'flat' spell and worse, so I sympathise. I have almost completely lost my nerve in the surf. I used to go out in some heavy stuff for an 'aged' female who has only been surfing for 8 years in the southern ocean, but I have this fear now that stops me. So depressing, but I keep paddling out, hoping that I will regain my enthusiasm and courage. I still love just being in the water, even if I don't get out the back.
    I think there are seasons to life - up, down, happy sad, motivated don't be hard on yourself, things will come around again.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful words.

  3. Getting drunk - that made me smile. A flat spell. Just like the ocean, only temporary. You could pull a prank on someone. That is a fun thing to do.


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