How Very!

My friend, Noe, is one amazing lady. She is not only a really great friend, but she's also my favourite person to go surfing with.

I miss her.

When Noe and I both lived here, we'd meet before or after work, or pick each other up to go and find waves. We'd hang out in the water between sets and laugh and check out the guys and giggle like little girls. It's as embarrassing as it is fun! We have really great conversations that you can't have with everyone. We have the kinds of conversations that require real trust, intimacy and friendship. We have the kinds of conversations where you admit things that you don't admit to everyone. We talk about the things we're scared of, the things we desire and the things that make us hurt.

We also drink a lot of coffee together.

Noe is not only funny and smart and a great cook (and a great dancer), but she is also talented at designing and making beautiful clothes. One summer, she made versions of 1950s one-pieces that she used to wear out in the water. They had frills and ruching and beautiful fabrics and they were so great.

Last year, we planned a trip away together. We both had to book time off work, and we had to meet up between our homes, so we couldn't plan things around timing in with good swell and wind. When we got there, there were no waves and the howling wind blew everything out anyway. It sucked! But we still had fun together. We moaned about our bad luck , went for walks, sat watching Heathers, listened to Ryan Adams and played Scrabble and talked. She also made sure that we had warm croissants and coffee each morning. It was a great trip.

When I come home now, Noe isn't here and it's just not as much fun. She's away down south, working, but I wish that we could go surfing together more.


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