Squirrell stance

I logged onto my email account this morning to find the usual assortment of junk and forwards which I variously opened and deleted. One of the ones I opened was The Monday Morning Wave email from The Surfer's Path...

The sloping arc of a wave-face, a humid blanket of broken cloud, and the casual form of a rider on an ancient alaia surfboard, frame the star of the show at The Pass, Byron Bay, Australia. PHOTO: Anthony Walsh

Hmmm... that stance, that style, those arms, those boardies, those legs all seemed very familiar. I looked again, could it be?!! That man on the alaia, that 'star of the show', is one of my all-time favourite surfing companions, Evan Squirrell - shredder, surfboard enthusiast and coffin rider.

Evan is also making me a new board to make up for the recent loss of my others over at Vouch. Stoked.

P.S. That alaia is NOT ancient. It was made last year actually. On the North Coast and all. Ancient... pffft!


  1. Every Monday evening, I look forward to my Monday Morning Wave. I then lovingly add it too the ever changing landscape of images I have as wallpaper on my Mac and finally upload it to Picasa to feed the slide show at Waveriders.

  2. what's with the hunchback? haha
    damn that fisheye lens.


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